Valley Fest of Dunlap

The Valley Fest of Dunlap, Sequatchie County, Tennessee is a culture festival, held on the first weekend of May annually. Saturday morning opens with a 5K/1 mile run. Next is the Car Show. After that, the music begins with an opening ceremony at 1:30 P.M.

There is a large variety of food available, such as chicken, dumplings, barbecue, and the classic funnel cakes. The Valley Fest also features a carnival and “Kids’ Zone,” with inflatables, rides, and face painting. The Valley Fest has featured hang gliding in the past as well.

For the runs, it’s recommended to bring warm clothes, as the run usually starts early in the morning. This layer is tossed right before the run begins. Many people will speed along at mile 1, but this is a bad idea.

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A 5K is an endurance run, and you need to reserve energy for later. Around mile 2, your leg muscles may begin to burn. Focusing on your arm swing is a good way to keep from getting distracted. It is also recommended to try and soak up surrounding energy in the air from crowds and other people. Finally, it is advised to have a running mantra: A series of words repeated to help keep rhythm and avoid stalling. Mile 3 is past half. Here, the main strategy is to pick a landmark or another runner, and imagine it is pulling you in. At the final 100 meters, you go for a sustained sprint to the finish if you can. After your run is over, it is highly advised that you rest.

Valley Fest’s music can be very different from year to year, with varied artists from Dunlap and Sequatchie Valley performing. There is no limit on the genre.

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