Sequatchie County Veterans Memorial Park in Dunlap

The Sequatchie County Veterans Memorial Park is located on Highway 28 in Dunlap, Sequatchie County, Tennessee. Founded in 2009, it is a great place to learn about military history, with several events and exhibits.

The first and primary cause for founding was a wish to honor those from Sequatchie County who served in the military. Their names have been inscribed on granite walls and slabs. As residents learned about plans for the park, they chipped in with money, equipment, and building supplies. The school board provided land in front of Griffith Elementary and Sequatchie County Middle and High schools for the site. The site was dedicated on Veterans Day, 2011.

The granite slabs have over one and a half thousand names of Sequatchie County residents who served in the military at some point inscribed on them, as of 2013. There is an A4 Skyhawk too, which is a Vietnam War-era bombing aircraft, along with a Jeep and an M59 personnel carrier. More recently, a UH-IC Huey helicopter was added, along with a T-33 jet aircraft.

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There are several festivities on Veterans Day. At 9:30 A.M., there is a program at the county courthouse. At 10, a parade departs for a 40-minute walk to the Sequatchie County Veterans Memorial Park, where another program begins at 11.

The Sequatchie County Veterans Memorial Park accepts names for inscribing on the granite walls and slabs. Honorably discharged veterans who are or were once residents of Sequatchie County can request their name to be added via a visit to the park, mailing, or phone calls. DD-214 and 100 dollars check or cash are required.

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