Jackson TN Country Club

Jackson Country Club In General

At the Jackson Country Club, excellence, family values, and Southern tradition meet. If you have a special event, Jackson Country Club is a premier place to arrange it, with a golf course, a club house, a banquet hall, tennis, fitness exercises, a pool, and some fun events on top. Jackson Country Club puts the Hub in Hub City. Jackson Country Club holds critical acclaim from some of history’s greatest players. In addition, its location results in it holding incredible convenience: after all, it’s a mere 5 minutes from most everything in Jackson. It’s also the social center of Jackson, unsurprisingly. It has both golf and tennis instruction with an array of programs for any and all levels of players. Its fitness scene is also worth noting – with a junior Olympic sized pool and specialized personalized fitness courses courtesy of Michael Hayes, MSC.

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Club History

According to Tennessee history, five Jackson businessmen organized Jackson Country Club on February 7, 1914. The club was founded to promote and afford socialization, entertainment, and enjoyment; in addition to athletics sports of all kinds. Both of these aforementioned goals apply to members mainly. The location of the Club’s original 9 golf holes was at the top of Price Street. The older clubhouse (no longer used by the Club itself) still stands as a private residence. Jackson Country Club is celebrating its 108th anniversary and is proud to uphold its tradition of serving its members and their guests. Throughout the many years since its founding, Jackson Country Club has been at the forefront of social and athletic activities in the Jackson, TN area. Over the past century as Jackson itself has grown to become the Hub City of West Tennessee, the Jackson Country Club has grown with it – now it puts the Hub in Hub City.

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