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2022 Equipment Appraiser FAQ

These are the most common and best equipment appraiser questions

1. What does an Equipment Appraisal Cost?

Answer: Each Appraisal is separately quoted based on 3 things: Amount of Line items, amount of time, and flat rate. Every client has additional needs-With that in mind we review each job and we try to save the customer money with our offer while still giving a realistic bid based on actual conditions. We also prefer to give you an average total cost in the first place.

2. How long does an Equipment Appraisal Take?

Answer: This is another specific which is based on the Equipment Appraisal. On the majority of small-medium jobs, we can usually have the report emailed to you in about 3-5 days after all data has been collected. Larger jobs that have around 100+ pieces of equipment or several far locations will be given an expected date.

3. Are your Equipment Appraisers Local?

Answer: We have a small team that works in different local areas across the mid-south. (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Lousiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina, and Virginia)

4. What Information/Data do you need to start off?

Answer: Let us schedule your appraisal and work through gathering the data by a visit on campus or through desktop collection after we get everything we need.

5. What does the Value Level of Equipment mean?

Answer: There are 12 different kinds of value that can be involved with equipment and they each have a specific position to be used in and a very specific U.S.P.A.P. (recognized honorable and performance standards for appraisals in the United States.) intent of each

6. What is the difference between an Onsite and Desktop Appraisal?

Answer: The method of data collection on the equipment or machinery is different based on the reports. The values, research, and reports will all be the same except for a statement that states the data was gathered by our appraisers or the company. The price you end up paying from a desktop appraisal will be lower because of the fact that our equipment appraisers did not have to go onsite.

7. Can I just get a local Dealer or Auctioneer to Appraise my Equipment?

Answer: Some dealers, auctioneers, resellers, and other people who aren’t certified offer appraisals, but don’t risk it! Take the safe route and know you are in good hands and your information is protected.

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