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What Is USPAP & Why Is It So Important for Equipment Appraisal?

The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) are the widely recognized work and performance standards for appraisal jobs in the United States. USPAP is altered every so often, normally every year. It begins with a series of definitions, and a statement defining its mission. It then lists a set of common rules regarding all disciplines of appraisal practice, like:

  • The Ethics Rule
  • The Competency Rule
  • The Scope of Work Rule
  • The Jurisdictional Exception Rule
  • Supplemental Standards Rule.

Next, it proceeds with 10 appraisal standards, which each contain standards and rules. Each Standard covers the different tasks an appraiser might perform-in detail when reporting an appraisal:

  • Real Property Appraisal Development
  • Real Property Appraisal Reporting
  • Business Appraisal
  • Development

These situations consist of real-life issues and how the rules and standards of USPAP can help with resolving them.

Every appraiser is reviewed with knowing and following USPAP, normally by operation of state law. They must do continuing education hours to relearn basic knowledge, and become familiar with new info/annual changes to the USPAP.
An accurate equipment appraisal has a USPAP certification. If it doesn’t, some may see it as effectively meaningless. The certification declares that the equipment appraiser followed USPAP, the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. They require the appraiser to be equal and unbiased while following methods in developing and recording the appraisal results. USPAP has important guidelines for methods, techniques, and professional appraisers’ behavior. This includes ethics, rule-keeping, consistency, and quality of work. USPAP-compliant equipment appraisals comply with USPAP guidelines. This is mainly to keep an advanced level of trust for equipment appraisers to better their practice. A professional appraisal company has a fully-accredited appraiser, which is authorized to perform appraisals that fit with their regulations and standards. These appraisers have all the knowledge, experience, and understanding of this system needed for a credible assessment.

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