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Top Agriculture Technology Trends

By the time 2050 arrives, the food demand will increase 70%, lined up with rapid population growth. A UN study showed that about 10% of the world’s population currently goes hungry, so the thought of feeding almost 10 billion people is a great opportunity. Since environmental changes are hard to determine, paths must be taken to expand agriculture technology. Luckily, we don’t have to wait several decades to notice how agricultural solutions can better human life in later days.

Top 5 Agriculture Technology Trends:


Farm automation is a technology that is supposed to enhance farming, and automate the crop and livestock production cycles. These machines are normally created to handle more clear tasks dealing with weeds and harvesting.


The normal yield of rice per unit is between three and six metric tons. Indoor vertical farming increases farm produce by growing these plants in a closed and controlled environment.


Birds and rodents can be a nuisance when you are looking to grow crops in an open field. In previous years, farmers depended on basic scarecrows to scare off ravenous species. But today, farm owners and managers are looking for more high-tech devices with movement sensors to stop animals from raiding plants.


Precision agriculture technology is a term used to describe modern innovations and machinery. This is used to monitor and control crops in a more efficient way.


Farm management software is a platform that supplies updated data and information. This includes a digital checklist, which is used to assist farmers with everyday activities. When they have this monitoring and reporting software, farmers can make better decisions for operations.

Since we live in a time where environment and climate change can worry some, sustainable farming is a hot topic. The population is always growing, which makes the shortages of land and water a threat. But, while many politicians stop in confusion, agriculture technology studies are busy taking action.

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