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Tips When you Sell and Buy Farm Equipment

It’s impossible to farm without the needed tools, and that equipment is not normally cheap. Used farm equipment values are a better piece for the sake of farm owners. Whether it is buying used equipment or trading used equipment, the current used farm equipment values are important to the selling farmer and the buying farmer. 

  1. Price It First. Sellers should do their research to find out the best list price. Check sites like MachineFinder or TractorHouse or auctions. Used equipment dealers can also come out to the farm to give you a quote based on the outcome of recent sales and what the market looks like. Use at least more than one resource to figure out the right price for your equipment.
  2. Timing Is Everything. Selling is all about supply and demand rates, and there are better times each year when demand for used equipment is worth more. This is normally the months of February through March and late summer.
  3. Sell It On Your Own. Since auctioneers and dealerships take a percentage of the sale price for keepsakes, you are better off just selling it through a network. With this being said, you can ask a used equipment manager to help you get the word out. Social media is also a widely known way to connect with people needing equipment online. Selling used equipment on Facebook and social media sites is more and more common today.
  4. Take Good Pictures. Giving potential buyers pictures of a clean and prepared machine is a must. Taking the extra step to show more details can help your listing stand out.
  5. Be Honest. Posting a worn piece of equipment as good or new is the worst move a seller can make. Equipment appraisers recommend sharing all the details on hidden dents or worn parts, to begin with. Having service records available or telling them about parts that have been replaced is smart for maintenance keeping.
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