Green Brook Community Park

Smithville Tennessee may be small but they still have a decent amount of parks to offer its guests and residents. A park is an area of naturally occurring, semi-natural, or planted space that is set aside for human use and entertainment, and recreation, or just simply for the protection of wildlife or natural habitats homing places within the greenery. Green Brook community Park is one of the favorites top offer in the area with a good selection of things to do. This park is located at 812 Fisher Ave, Smithville, TN 37166. Many people would agree that it is a great park for exercising and walking/running based on your choice. They share a pretty water memorial area as well as the highly favored mighty oak tree that draws people in from all over. The kids and adults of all ages can spend their day at this park; enjoying picnics, feeding the fun little ducks, take advantage of their pavilions, grills, and picnic tables to host for any event of your choice(from a birthday party to family reunions, to pot luck suppers.) It is a beautiful and comfortable place to go.

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They have staff and security on hand to be sure that your children are safe by the water and while feeding the ducks. They keep the park very safe and clean for your benefit. In addition, the park contains a large children’s playground. With a special thanks to Mrs. Lora Webb for her gracious devotion to the children of DeKalb County and the surrounding places. They are open every day of the week from 7 AM to 9 PM. if you are interested, call 615-597-4745 for more information. Midsouth Auctions and Appraisals is proud to be able to sell farm equipment for Smithville residents.