Cultural Entertainment Venues in McMinnville TN

Even in a little town like McMinnville there are places for people to enjoy musical performances and types of artistic culture. If you are one to enjoy small plays and concerts, while there might not be many venues to choose from, the events held there are sure to be special. These shows are sure to give you a feel for the area and show you why this small town is so special.

The Park Theater is within the city limits and offers regular rotating theatrical performances done by the local thespians. It is managed and run by the City of McMinnville under the McMinnville Parks and Recreation Department thus their main goal is serving their community. They offer both weekend and weekday performances to allow visitors to come and see their shows at their own leisure. You can check out their webpage to see their upcoming schedule and pick a show that works best for you!

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Outside of the city limits there is Cumberland Caverns. In addition to their cavern tours they have The Volcano Room where they frequently host live musical performances from local and well known bands. This venue offers a truly unique experience that you really can’t find anywhere else. Their website offers a calendar of events you can check out to see what’s coming up. Another option is an annual event called Reggae at South Rapids. They have live bands while you are able to camp on the grounds and enjoy their outdoor activities.

If you enjoy getting to know the local flavor of culture these are defiantly some places you should check out. You can’t get a more local musical scene performed by those that are truly passionate about their art. Any of these can make for a great night out while getting away from a boring routine of visiting the same places including those who are heavy equipment appraisers of McMinnville.